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Porquerisses is a group of about twenty houses with thirty inhabitants. Since 1857, it legally belongs to the township of Argençola, in the Anoia region, which also includes the communities of Albarells, Clariana, Carbasí, Contrast, La Goda, Plans d’en Ferran and Rocamora.

Built along the road from Barcelona to Lleida, Porquerisses can be found at 535 meters above sea level. Its coordinates are E 371738,5 and N 4609505,5 (E D50 UTM 31N); its longitude is 1º 27' 33.03" and its latitude 41º 37'30,43" N (ETRS89 on the geodesic vertex). It lies 17km to the west of the city of Igualada and 7kms east of la Panadella; Porqueriesses is 81kms away from Barcelona and 82kms away from Lleida.

The town is divided lengthways by the old Camí Ral road, a pathway recognized as part of the Way of St. James on its route between Montserrat and Logroño. A pilgrim starting from Camí Ral would be 1067kms away from Santiago de Compostela.

The Camí Ral eventually became the 541st kilometer of the N-II highway. By 1972, the highway was moved to the north of the town center and, in 2004, it was replaced by the A-2 motorway, built further north. The A-2 includes a roundabout that connects Porquerisses to its 537th km.

The Anoia river flows parallel to the town and the old road. Next to it, one can still find the town’s old water fountain, which is currently being restored.

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